Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

See Your Past & Future Life to Heal & Resolve all Karmic Issues.
See your present Karmic Connections in various pastlife.
See your future
Free from Fear of Death forever.
Meet your departed souls & seek guidance.
Observe your soul colour.
Drop your blames, complaints & judgements forever.
Open your eyes with reality of the life.
Know that you are the magnet of every good & bad happenings in your life.

Pre-registration is must.
Please bring 2 Bedsheets & small pillow (if you need)
Severely sick person & kids below 6 yrs. are not allowed.

For this service our fee : INR.2500 .
Duration : Appox.30-60 minutes.

Please Send Fee Using PAYTM : Our PAYTM No.:9213816442 or scan Our PAYTM QR code

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