Reiki Healing Session for Your Wishes

Reiki Healing Session for Your Wishes

Reiki healing is a cosmic energy healing method. Using reiki healing you can improove your health , wealth and complate your desired wishes.
In Reiki session we call to Reiki energy and prayer for your desired wish. Due to prayer reiki energy remove or reduce your blockage from your spiritual life and open new way for success.

Reiki Healing Session Fee : INR.1000 per session ( 20 Minutes)
For 30 days Reiki fee : INR.25000 ( 20 minutes per day )

You Can Use Reiki For :






Negative Energy

Our Other Services :

Reiki Healing : Reiki is best option for removing your black energy and spiritual blockage.

Distance Reiki Healing : Distance Reiki Healing a way of transfering positive cosmic energy one body to other body.

Past Life Regression :See Your Past and Future Life.

Meditation : Meditation is a method of improving positive energy using cosmic energy.

Astrologer : In Astrologer service we read your horoscope and provide astrological solotion for your problem.In astrological solution you can solve your problem by mantra chanting,havan and daan.

Spiritual Guidance : We provide you best guidance for your spiritual doubts.

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